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Create a beautiful blog or showcase in Adobe Muse. Manage it effortlessly with a groundbreaking CMS. Hand the keys to your clients to easily manage and update their content.

The CMS for Adobe Muse

"This has got to be the greatest thing since Adobe Muse!  Now I can design my clients' blogs with my own vision and creativity,  and no developer in between! My clients love the stand-out blogs they have so much control over."


Jack Horowitz, Creative Director, Royal Image Group

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Design In Muse, Super Simple.

Design gorgeous blogs and showcases in Adobe Muse. Same way you design all your pages in Muse - with all the design tools and widgets you love. And a revolutionary suite of widgets from Publiz. Absolute flexibility and freedom in design.





Manage with Ease

Add, update and change content, products and blog posts masterfully. An intuitive in-browser platform you can easily navigate. Enjoy advanced options and a handsome user friendly interface. Manage your content superbly - and confidently hand the reigns to your client to manage their content.


Simply hit publish and watch your blogs and showcases take on the world. The best of SEO built into Publiz, and advanced social sharing options. Success!

Companies like Power House and Dynalink manage their blogs and showcases with Publiz.

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