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Gloriously Simple Interface

A sleek, clean interface is the key to unleash powerful content throughout the world. Publish within minutes, spread the content in seconds with our mighty CMS.


Intuitive. Natural.

Publiz responds to your unspoken needs. Each part of the speedy process flows intuitively. You’ll know just what to do next, and manage your content effortlessly.


Inspired Ease

We’ve rethinked CMS so you don’t think twice as you use it. We’ve stripped CMS of its complexities and stumbling blocks, creating a robust management engine doing its best for you.


Creativity Fulfilled

It’s smooth sailing with Publiz, allowing you to create better content, viral ideas and beautiful showcases. Enjoy not just a system, but the deep satisfaction of well done management.


Secured With Confidence

All of Publiz’s software is SSL secured. The highest levels of security do their job guarding your data. Every piece of information will always remain private and secure.


Always Reliable

Your Publiz CMS is hosted on Amazon Servers, the most respected virtual server host. It’s a glitch-free experience, which means no technical difficulties to worry about.


Loading at the Speed of Light

Not only is your management blissfully fast, each page will instantly load, too. Light has the fastest speed in our universe; Publiz uses advanced technology to create the fastest loading time.


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