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All great things are simple

Winston Churchill

Our World Is a-Changin'…

We’re here to make it simpler.


Publiz was born the day a group of gifted developers, designers and thought leaders came together to fuse into a fabulous team of problem solvers.


We started by introducing one of the most wanted features for Adobe Muse. A proper content management platform.


We tinkered in our creative labs, absorbed in our mission to develop the perfect content manager. Obsessed, some called us. Perfected the results through our rigorous testing and constant critical reviews. Fine-tuned and gently tweaked with feedback from our enthusiastic beta testers.


We’re well on the way to a full content management system. Our Publiz Blog and Showcase are already here, to help you and your clients manage content effortlessly.


With all of our features… all of our developments… all of our updates…

There’s one throbbing, beating, pulsing Force breathing life into everything we develop for you.


“Simplicity is the most complex goal to achieve,” said Jesse, an engineer at Publiz.

We believe that true design means zero complexity for its users.


True beauty means stripping away all superfluous features to reveal a simple, beautiful core.


We know you believe in that.

After all, you’re a designer too.


And you know that web design calls for absolute simplicity, absolute beauty.


With simplicity on your side…

You can design beauty with ease. Create without limits.

You can burst through the barriers holding back your aptitude.

You can conquer the world.


You’re busy. We’re busy. Our clients are busy.

So let’s raise a toast to G-d’s most useful gift to creatives: The gift of simplicity.

And of course, that toast has Publiz in mind.


After all…

“Simplicity makes life beautiful” said Boyce, a designer on the Publiz design team as he designed the Publiz interface, making it sleek, clean and beautifully simple.

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